BBraun Injekt disposable syringes

BBraun Injekt disposable syringes

BBraun Injekt disposable syringes are essential in everyday medical practice.


BBraun Injekt disposable syringes

BBraun Injekt disposable syringes are indispensable in everyday medical practice - regardless of whether in practice or clinic, in areas of human medicine or veterinary medicine. Each disposable syringe is individually sealed in sterile packaging that is quick and easy to open. The disposable syringes have a Luer cone and a clear, clear scale for the exact dosage of the liquid.

3-part syringe
eccentric Luer connection (male)
Volume dosage in milliliters (ml)
exact, legible graduation beyond the nominal volume
highly transparent cylinder
smooth guidance for exact dosing
reliable piston stop
made of hygienic polypropylene / polyethylene
easy attachment of the needle
also suitable for oral administration in infants, toddlers and children

BBraun Injekt disposable syringes can be drawn up quickly and easily thanks to the handy plunger. This particularly smooth-running stamp makes BBbraun's single injection quickly usable even in confusing situations. The highly transparent cylinder of the disposable syringe has clear graduation for the most exact dosing possible. This graduation scale of the single injection is strongly contrasted and black, so that precise work is guaranteed with little time consumption. The smudge-proof syringe scale makes the amount of liquid drawn up with the disposable syringe easy to read. Correct dosing is also supported by the minimal residual volume that remains in the cylinder of the disposable injection thanks to the safe piston stop.

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BBraun Injekt disposable syringes in the selected version, 1 piece each

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