Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 10ml/vial


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Average dosage: 50-200 mg every 1-3 days
Intended use: mass, strength, definition - depending on the intended use
Effect: noticeable from the third day
Dosage duration: 4-12 weeks
Proof: up to 3 weeks
Properties: strongly anabolic, strongly androgenic, strong aromatization to estrogen and conversion to DHT, low toxicity
Blockage of the HPTA system: severe
Effect decreases: 4 days after the last injection

Testosterone Propionate is a fast-acting form of testosterone. It works practically after the first injection. The benefits are better pumping, increased energy and appetite. Testosterone propionate stores less water in muscle tissue than testosterone enanthate. The advantage is quality muscles. Although it is heavily flavored, it doesn't cause as much gynecomastia as other testosterone esters. Because it doesn't accumulate in the body. Unfortunately, Testosterone Propionate has to be injected more often than other products. In order to maintain a constant concentration of the active ingredient in the bloodstream, injections should be carried out about every 2 days. This can be exhausting, especially for those new to steroid use. However, testosterone propionate fits perfectly with every phase of the cure - be it massively in combination with nandrolones (e.g. superanabolone) and methanabol, whether for strength and definition together with winstrol and / or trenbolone.

Side effects are rarer and less severe than when using Testosteron Enantat or cypionate.

In practice, the anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) testosterone propionate is used during both mass building and dieting. Buy testosterone propionate.