HGH Syntropin

HGH Syntropin

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HGH (Human Growth Hormon) is a human growth hormone and is popular with bodybuilders because it builds muscle, burns fat, and improves performance. The body releases HGH in particularly high concentrations during puberty. However, from the age of 20, HGH production decreases sharply. The HGH also promotes bone formation, as it can increase the formation of the peptide hormone osteocalcin, which is important for bone structure, and the calcium and collagen content of the bones. The immune system is also supported by the HGH, as the growth factor of the T cells (or interleukin-2) is increased. Insulin is an important factor in the release of HGH and also combats the catabolic stress hormone cortisol and thus has a positive effect on the HGH level. A low HGH level leads to a decline in body functions with increasing age. HGH Booster consist of the amino acids arginine and ornithine. The release of the HGH is stimulated by this combination, as both amino acids promote the production of the body's own hormones.
Sports activity increases the HGH distribution. However, it is not the length of the training, but the intensity of the training that is of enormous importance.
The HGH release reaches its maximum after 10-25 minutes of intensive training and then drops rapidly from 25 minutes until the initial value is reached after 60 minutes.
The HGH levels drop below the starting value after the 60 minutes. For an optimal HGH distribution, the training should last a maximum of 60 minutes and be intense. The best effects of heavy weight training on HGH release were found in studies with a minute break between sets.
The decreasing sets (reduction sets), supersets, forced repetitions are also assigned a positive characteristic for the HGH distribution. Beginners should be careful with these intensity techniques as they could quickly lead to overtraining.
Another study showed that a higher HGH level can be achieved by exercising at noon and in the early evening (6 p.m.) than in the late evening or early morning. Evening (6pm) can be achieved as late evening or early morning. The anti-catabolic effect of HGH should be just as interesting for every bodybuilder, as the already described effect of the growth hormone. HGH makes the breakdown of muscle protein more difficult, so it causes the body to store the protein in the muscles for longer. It is interesting that the anti-catabolic effect takes place at the expense of the fatty acids. During intense exercise, the athlete usually gains energy by breaking down proteins. While using HGH, the growth hormone causes the body to burn body fat for energy. During a diet phase, HGH can burn body fat while the protein balance remains intact and is not used for energy production. We have a third aspect of growth hormone that is very interesting for bodybuilders, which clearly distinguishes HGH from all steroids. HGH has a mitogenic and cell-dividing effect. With these properties, HGH causes a significant increase in muscle mass, which becomes visible in a relatively short application time. While one can only achieve a limited muscle mass with steroids, a division of the muscle cells is achieved with the use of the growth hormone HGH. To put it simply, the result is two new, still thin muscle fibers, each of which can be rebuilt individually. So instead of one thick muscle fiber, the athlete achieves two thick muscle fibers. The effects we have described cannot be achieved by the growth hormone HGH on its own. Anyone who uses HGH to build muscle must also use anabolic steroids at the same time. In order to achieve an optimal basis for the effects of HGH, it is best to use injectable testosterone. The basic rule here is that the more HGH is used, the higher the amount of active ingredient in testosterone must be. When using the growth hormone HGH it is important that it is not the amount of the dosage that is decisive, but the duration of use. As an example, an application period of half a year with 2 I.U. daily is assumed. instead of 4-8 I.U. over a period of two months. The longer HGH is used, the effect it has on the appearance of the body. Touted as a miracle cure? No of course not. Firstly, HGH cannot work miracles and secondly, of course, it also harbors health risks that we do not want to ignore. Here it can be said that the higher the dose of the injections, the greater the dangers.

As an athlete, if you stick to the sensible dosage recommendations, HGH is a well-tolerated growth hormone. Buy HGH growth hormone.