Oxabol Oxandrolone Anavar 10mg/50-100Stk.


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Duration of active effect: up to 8-12 hours
Average dose: 10-50 mg daily (divided dose)
Intended use: strength, mass, definition
Effect: effect from the 2nd week (depending on the dose)
Dosage duration: 4-6 weeks
Proof: up to 3 weeks
Properties: very anabolic, little androgenic, no aromatization, low toxicity
Blockage of the HPTA system: very low
Effect decreases: 24 hours after the last intake

Oxandrolon is an anabolic steroid hormone that was first synthesized in 1962. It is used orally and is a 17-methyl steroid. It is a doping agent and like all banned steroid hormones must not be used by athletes at any time (not even for medical reasons).

For emaciation, delayed puberty and "Ullrich Turner Syndrome".
To increase body weight after surgery, chronic infections and various catabolic diseases associated with weight loss. Oxandrolone is also used to counteract protein breakdown, as well as after long-term use of corticosteroids and to reduce pain in osteoporosis. Oxandrolone can be used in any catabolic state. When using Oxandrolone, care should be taken to ensure that the body is supplied with sufficient calories and proteins to ensure a positive nitrogen balance.

For symptomatic short stature, Oxandrolone is used together with growth hormones, among other things. In bodybuilding, oxandrolone is often used with others Steroids combined.

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