Ultimate Testosteron Mix (Tri-Test 400)

Ultimate Testosteron Mix (Tri-Test 400)

400mg/ml 10ml/vial
Testosterone Isocaproate 100mg / ml
Testosteron Cypionate 140mg/ml
Testosteron Decanoate 160mg/ml


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The testosterone blend from Ultimate Testosteron Mix is ​​coordinated in such a way that it offers both an immediate and a long-lasting effect (up to 1 month). The Testosteron Cypionate for example, its effect unfolds very quickly, whereas against the testosterone decanoate it releases its effect slowly but for a very long time.

Like all testosterones, Ultimate Testosterone Mix is ​​an androgenic steroid with a highly anabolic component.

In Bodybuildingkreisen liegt die durschnittliche Dosierung von Ultimate Testosteron Mix erfahrungsgemäß zwischen 400mg bis hin zu 1000mg pro Woche. Auch wenn es durch seine Komponenten ca. 1 Monat aktiv bleibt, beträgt die eigentliche Halbwertzeit ca. 5 Tage. Die Injektionen sollten also alle 5 Tage erfolgen, um eine in etwa gleichmäßige Konzentration zu erzielen.

For an injectable testosterone, Ultimate Testosterone Mix is ​​considered to be relatively water-drawing. Since Ultimate Testosterone Mix strongly affects the endogenous testosterone production, it is strongly advisable to stop using Clomiphene Citrate at the end of the course. Experience has shown that athletes who want to gain mass and strength quickly can use Ultimate Testosterone Mix well with methandrostenolone, oymetholone or even Nandrolone Decanoate combine. For athletes who prefer to cut, a combination with trenbolone (only available as a veterinary product), stanozolol or metenolone enanthate is also possible.

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